Apograph GmbH

Galvanic deposit of metal-layers by electrolysis

Galvanic coating as electrochemical metal finishing. Electroplating refers to the
surface finishing by applying a metallic layer by electrolysis.

Clockwork-Medal with 10 different precious metals

We have developed techniques that allow us to do both full submersion and partial plating.

The selective galvanic deposition of precious metals is our specialty. The main focus is on the aesthetic final result. Our advanced electroplating lines allow our experienced team to coat the finest structures with amazing precision and repeatability. Furthermore, we can combine different precious metals on one product. This is the so-called decorative electroplating. Our high quality standards apply not only to the attention to detail and to the harmonious appearance of the final layers over a single part, but also to the homogeneity throughout the complete production lot and throughout the entire project.

The following precious metals belong to our standard offer, combinations are possible:

Germania - combination of Black Rhodium Finish and Gold