Apograph GmbH

Galvanic deposited color coatings

- selective or full surface

Cyber-Color finish

The principle of color-coating by means of an electrochemical process is also called e-coating, cataphoresis, dip coating, electrophoresis or cathodic dip painting. Due to the electric field, the material to be deposited is transported to the workpiece to be coated and deposits on its surface. The principle is known in particular from the automotive industry, where whole body shells are coated to protect against corrosion. We have developed a process to selectively realize the coating. This means that we can decide where in the end the color is and where not. Apart from the special visual impression of the colors, an advantage of this technology is that the coating is very resistant and therefore suitable for many applications. We can Cyber-Color Finish in many colors, combinations are also possible.

Choice of Cyber Colors negative with rim
Choice of Cyber Colors positive
Choice of Cyber Colors negative without rim