Apograph GmbH

Color and effect finishes

We also rely on many years of experience in the selective application of color and effect finishes. Our passion for the artistic perfection of coins and medals, which has lasted for more than 20 years, enabled us to develop our own processes, the results of which continue to set standards. Especially when it comes to photorealistic printing on difficult surfaces, our strengths come into play.


Full Color Finish

Our special processes make sure that every single detail is coherent and at the right place. Especially when it comes to the coloring of coins and medals, we take care that the overall impression is “creamy” and brilliant. The art here is to create a “symbiosis” between the color-application and the relief underneath. And nothing shall be “pixelated” and the adhesion of the coating must pass our strict quality inspections. Therefore, we have not followed the trend of simply printing with a commercial UV digital printer and continue to rely on our proven high-end printing technologies, which have been developed and perfected over many years.

The Apograph GmbH was originally created from a classic printing company. Today, we work in important areas with a wide range of modern and classic printing and coating processes, which we have refined and adopted to meet the special requirements of our business. The variety of our possibilities, combined with our expertise enables us to always work out the best solution for specific challenges and to meet our high-end quality standards again and again.

Combination of Black Rhodium Finish, Diamond / Ruby / Emerald / Metallic Effect Finish and Gold / Silver Finish

For projects with high artistic standards, we can help you with some very special "delicacies":

Precious Stone Effect Finish

You want a finish with real gemstone? We can apply different gemstone finishes. For example Diamond Effect Finish, Ruby Effect Finish, Emerald Effect Finish or Sapphire Effect Finish. These are finishes where we apply particles of the respective gemstone and create a beautiful, noble glittering effect. Other gems and combinations, but also e.g. coatings with sand are possible.

Hologram Effect Finish

Another highlight is the hologram effect finish. Hereby we achieve the well-known hologram effect, which is not only realized with us with a standard hologram color, but actually looks real. Try it! In addition, with our hologram technique, we can take graphic elements into account and influence colors. As a result, the light reflects in other wavebands, giving the interesting impression of a "color hologram". This is our Enhanced Hologram Effect Finish.

Haptic Effect Finish

In 2013, we developed a process to achieve a so-called haptic effect on a coin. In the first step, we have succeeded in realizing a monochrome, soft-fluffy felt coating. We have this, e.g. used for motifs with grass or snow. At the end of the development process we could then realize the effect in any color and also in color combinations. Thus, there is now the possibility, e.g. to simulate textiles or animal skins.

ApoGOLD Finish

This is a specially developed color finish for the application on silver or other white metals. It simulates a gilding or partial gold plating. In many designs for color prints, the color "gold" is present - just think of old religious pictures, icons and so on. The golden elements used there usually look like gold on the picture or monitor, but when printed on a coin or other product, the result does often not look perfectly as real Gold like the original. This is why we have developed the ApoGOLD Finish. It really looks like a partial gold plating and is often an important element to make the final result look perfect. But ApoGOLD should not be confused with a real partial gold plating, since ApoGOLD does not contain any shares of Gold.


Other effects such as our Fragrance Effect Finish, Neon Effect Finish, Glow in the dark or UV-Glow Finish are also available on request. Or should it be an application of real 24kt gold leaf? Ask us!