Apograph GmbH

About us

Established from a classic printing company, the Apograph GmbH was founded for the very specific purpose of bringing together various know-how carriers from the field of surface finishing under one roof. All of these specialists worked in the past years either in the electronics and automotive industry, or as a manufacturer of decorative and keyboard foils and controls for well-known manufacturers of membrane keyboards. It turned out, however, that our affinity was increasingly focused on perfecting good products or beautifying nice products. Thus, Apograph quickly made the reputation of an innovative high-end surface finisher. Enhancing of coins and medals became our special "hobby horse", but we also enjoy working on products from the watch and jewelery industry, and we like to face challenges, also from other industries.

When, from the turn of the millennium, coins and medals with color applications became "bearable" and gained more and more market acceptance, we were approached with "hey, you are the ones with the color!". Later, we heard of us saying that products enhanced by Apograph are recognizable by being "alive" or "you are magicians". Such praise is a great pleasure for us as a team, but it is also an incentive for us to constantly improve our services in order to keep our customers enthusiastic. Because we know that stagnation is a step backwards and there are always possibilities for improvement.

In fact, the world of surface finishing continues to present us with new challenges from time to time. It is not always about purely technical issues. It is about convincing the customer that his products are in good hands with us. It is also about delivering a perfect service in the areas of administration and communication. In fact, it is about convincing the customer that not only his products, but his projects and, in a sense, the customer himself are in good hands. This is not always easy in an international environment with many "steakholders" and with constantly changing requirements and designs, and in truth we are just people who unfortunately are not able to do magic. But we are proud that we have always found a solution, also in difficult moments, to complete the project successfully.

We have also learned that success is only possible if the customer and the supplier work in partnership and if each party proactively contributes everything necessary to avoid difficulties and to overcome challenges. In a partnership one speaks openly about existing potential for improvement and helps each other in the process of the constant improvement. Both parties benefit from long-term business relationships, and trust is the basis for efficient and successful cooperation. Therefore, we are happy about every customer who enters into a long-term, trusting partnership with us and who then demands all our possibilities and competences with his projects. From the development, over the sampling, up to the mass production!

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