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Our Black Platinum Finish – an absolute novelty

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Use our decorative electroplating facilities

As a service provider for the industry and for exclusive private customers, we have been setting standards for more than 20 years.

You need an experienced and creative partner for your projects?

Well-known companies, state-owned and private mints and wholesalers, predominantly from the numismatics and jewelery sector, trust in our capabilities and creativity since many years.

Take advantage of our efficiency - from sampling to large-scale production.

You care about the perfect realization of your ideas ?

Our competent specialists and our industrial processes with very high detail, precision and repeatability, make it happen.

Even the combination of different enhancing techniques or selective plating of different precious metals are not a problem for us.

You want safety and reliability?

Our production site is located in the gold town of Pforzheim and thus in the cradle of the German jewelery industry.

We work with professional tools and constantly updated design and image editing software.

The production system software tailored to our needs helps us to plan and complete your orders in the fastest possible time and with the highest possible quality standard.

And this across all phases - from quoting and planning, through the preparation and approval process, to delivery.

The work-flow of a project

You want to refine your product or packaging?
With us you have access to art prints, effect finishes as well as full-surface or selective galvanic finishing.
If you have new ideas, please contact us. Our competence team will assist you with its know-how and creativity.
You are also welcome to send us your specific inquiries by e-mail. We will promptly prepare our offer for you.

Based on our offer, you may send us your order.
During the quotation phase, we define the finishing variants together to make sure that the result meets your expectations.
Our production system generates an article number and behind the article number, all relevant product and process information is registered in the system.
This includes also the finish-set. The finish-set defines the finishes to be allied, the finishing technologies and the process-flow.
Please remember to mention our article number on your order. You will find it on the respective offer.
Furthermore, you may mention our quotation-number on your order.

Once the type of finish is defined, means that the article-number and finishes that we must apply are defined in our production system, you can send us the products. During this process, it is very important to establish a clear link between the provided lot of products and the data in our system. This is why the products must be accompanied by a delivery note, which shall report our article-number and the quantity of provided products. This is important in order to avoid confusion and the possibility to enhance the products with a wrong finish. At receipt, we generate an internal order and do the production planning in our system. You receive the order confirmation accordingly.

For new orders, work preparation usually begins after receipt of the first-samples or the first serial lot. Here we create the necessary data and tools for our processing and define the process parameters. In general, we need data ready to print for color and effect finishes that should already be matched to the product in question. The format may be for example a TIF format, a CDR format or an ESP file, where we need the ability to edit the individual layers. In addition, for those participants that do not have an image processing software available, and for registration in our production system, the transmission of one or more JPEG files is desired. For selective plating, we usually use vector files or even a simple sketch that help us identify which metal is to be deposited in different areas of the product surface. As part of the work preparation, a form is generated for customer approval. This will be sent to the customer by e-mail. The customer checks the information and the graphic representations and gives the approval for sample production or series production by signature. The scanned approval document is then sent by the customer by e-mail to our technical department called “Arbeitsvorbereitung”. Then we can start the production.

Production takes place in accordance with the process flow defined in our production system for the respective article and with the specified process parameters. Each production step is documented and our production system allows us to know the status of the respective order at any time.

As part of quality assurance, process parameters and product characteristics are inspected during production. This allows for quick intervention when deviations appear or when product characteristics do not meet the requirements.

After production, the finished products are inspected by our quality assurance department. Final inspection is carried out according to our internal standards and, if agreed, also customer-specific requirements are taken into account.

The finished products are packed according to our internal standards or, if agreed, according to the instructions provided by the customer. We deliver ex works Pforzheim, if not agreed differently. This means that we provide all necessary information and the customer organizes the pick-up. We may support the process with the forwarder and also regarding customs-formalities, if agreed.

20+ years of experience in surface finishing!

We are one of the leading service providers for color and effect finishes as well as for enhancing with precious metals. With a wealth of possibilities, we help you to visually perfect your products.